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Sponsors & Donations

Financial support goes right back into the community!
Mid Valley Soccer Club primarily relies on membership and player fees to run and operate soccer in the community.  All of the money received directly supports our programs.  We never turn away a player for financial hardship so we often need community support to keep our programs running.  Sponsorships and donations to the club have a high impact in our community. We believe youth sports are about more than winning - players learn the value of exercise, team work and following directions.  These skills help players grow and succeed off the field - in life and in the classroom.  We need your support to continue offering our programs.  Please consider becoming a business or individual sponsor today!   See some of our needs at the bottom of page:
MVSC Sponsors:  We Appreciate You!!!
Equipment/Player Needs
  • $3,500-$5,000 - set of full-sized soccer goals
  • $300 - set of mini-soccer goals
  • $200-$1,000 - field signs (2-6 signs)
  • $15,000+ - full-year jersey sponsor (sponsor logo included on jerseys)
Other High Impact Needs
  • $125 - sponsors a player
  • $45 - sponsors an MVSL jersey kit (2 jerseys home/away & shorts)
  • Any amount can be allocated for scholarships to assist low-income families
  • We can also accommodate most requests for any amount
Your Recognition
As a sponsor, we can be flexible with how to acknowledge your generosity.  You can be acknowledged on our website, banner on goal nets, team sponsor plaque, logo on jerseys or signs, and other ways to meet your needs.
Please complete our Sponsorship Request Form if you'd like to be a sponsor or make a donation.
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