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Competitive Soccer (Grades 5-12)

Competitive Soccer is supported through our club allowing teams and volunteer coaches wishing to move up to a higher-level of play to register a team in the Timbers/Thorns Competitive League sanctioned by OYSA.  We do not offer annual competitive tryouts, though spots occasionally come up on established teams.  

Our Recreational Plus+ is a great, affordable pathway for those interested in trying something a little more competitive.

Competitive Program Fee Structure


Program Benefits:

  • Club Registration Fee - good for one year

  • OYSA Player Card - good for one year

  • Equivalent of 3 Seasons of League Play

    • PPTL Fall League, PPTL Spring League, and 1 Tournament

    • Or coverage of  similar and/or equivalent play

  • Turf fees for league games included


Per Player Cost Per Year:  

  • $450, minus $250 Marion County Scholarship = $200 per player


Additional Team Fees:*

  • Practice Turf - $50 per hour

  • Additional Tournaments (beyond the 3 seasons of play equivalent)

  • Uniform Kits


*Note:  Additional team fees must be paid in advance and will be developed on a per team basis and as needed.

Questions may be directed to


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